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Ahwit Capability

We provide one-stop solutions and services for our customers with our technical capability, precision machining, supply chain and quality control capabilities.

High Level Assembly

Fully understood customer needs, combined with the Ahwit long-term development strategy and industrial upgrading, we gradually start from the precision manufacturing of parts and components to the high level assembly and strive hard to achieve international advanced level.

Assembly Engineering Capability

Assembly Modeling, Assembly Dimension Chain Calculating

Finite Element Method (stress, strain, strength, vibration, fatigue, liquid )

Simulation, Assembly (static/dynamic load, assembly clearance)

Interference Detection & Analysis 

The whole process control in assembly

Become a global reputable company and a benchmark in high precision mechanical parts fabrication and high level assembly.

  • Process Quality Inspection
    Finish Goods Inspection
    Outgoing Quality Control

  • U type layout
    Assembly Tools
    Testing Tooling

  • OEM Services

  • Material Management
    Work Instruction
    Inspection Procedure

High Level Assembly Development

Adapt to the needs of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials development.

  • Strong capability for assembly design and inspection, a sound system of supply chain management: Hardware, Bearing, Lead screw, Pulley, Gear, Sheet Metal, Cable & Harness, Motor, Switch, Sensor and PCBA etc.
  • ERP and PLM systems are implemented to manage the planning, production, storage, shipment and management of more than 10,000 kinds of materials and parts.
  • Clean Rooms with 100,000 and 1000 levels.
  • Ahwit Changshu is equipped with a high level clean room and automated cleaning line to ensure the quality of assembly of high precision parts.