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Ahwit Capability

We provide one-stop solutions and services for our customers with our technical capability, precision machining, supply chain and quality control capabilities.

DFM System

Strong DFM capability and service, design and development together with customers

Early involved in the customer's new product development (ESI), review preliminary design, combined with customer
functional requirements and manufacturing process characteristics, and propose design
for manufacturability(DFM)  to help customers improve their products from the
beginning to achieve controlled quality and competitive cost.

Strong Designy

Strong DFM capabilities and services, design and development with customers

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    Moldflow Analysis 

    Simulation Capability

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    5-axis Linkage Programming


    Complex Components Machining

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    Solid Works

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Become a benchmark company of core machinery parts manufacturing and high level assembly of great global reputation.

R&D team, innovative and constantly improving

  Through years of effort, Ahwit has broken through various technical difficulties. Ahwit harvested 40 critical technical achievements and national invention patents and utility model patents.  Many of engineers and technicians won the honors of Shanghai Craftsmen, Shanghai Chief Technicians and other outstanding technical talent award and achievements.

  Strong engineering capabilities and product quality are inseparable from the R&D team and the core operation team. Ahwit has more than 60 experienced technical engineers and talents. According to the project requirements, we set up a suitable R & D team, improve communication efficiency and expedite R&D process, and to provide new product development, sample production, small batch and mass production of all-round supports, including commercial analysis, DFM, failure mode and effects analysis, quality control plan, supply chain management and so on.

Other Capabilities

Provide flexible manufacturing services to customers with international standards