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ISO13485 for Medical Device Certified

ISO13485 for Medical Device Certified

Advanced High Precision Machining Centers

我们的目标实现世界级全工序High Precision Machining

    Ahwit equipped with first-class machining equipments such as five-axis linkage machining center imported from Germany (DMG MU600), MAZAK I 500 imported from Japan, the gantry machining center imported from Japan (2400L* 1400W*800H). Horizontal machining center( DMG 6300) imported from Germany, Toros longitudinal cutting lathe imported from Switzerland, Citizen equipment imported from Japan. Our goal is to achieve worldwide level complete-process high precision machining capability.
  • Mazak 4-Axis Machining Center

  • Horizontal Machining Center

  • DMG 5-Axis Machining Center

Comprehensive inspection and testing capability


    hwit equipped with 2 sets of Zeiss CMMs, 5 sets of Hexagon CMMs; Mitutoyo contracer, Leica electron microscope, Thermo X-ray spectrometer, 2 sets of Mitutoyo hight gages, 4 sets of serein projectors, coating thickness meter and glossness meter etc. we are also equipped with well-trained technicians who are good at utilizing and maintaining testing equipment, capable of implement GR&R with customers, finish testing and acceptance with engineers and technicians.
  • Leica Microscope

  • Zeiss CMM

  • Zoller Tool Setting Gauge

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